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What is Going on with Housing Supply?

Watch the first episode of our RiskWire Webcast series titled, “What is Going on with Housing Supply?” where Eric Fox, Veros Real Estate Solutions Chief Economist and SVP of Analytics, and Reena Agrawal, Research Economist, discuss the pressing concern of the housing market’s shortage of homes for sale.

Chart showing Mortgage, Inflation, & Federal Funds Rates (1980-2023)

The Fed Got Its Mojo Back

Mortgage interest rates have been more or less declining over the past four decades from a peak of 18.3% in October 1981 to a bottom of 2.7% in July 2021. This was mostly driven by a Federal Funds Effective Rate that dropped from 15.1% to 0.09% over the same timeframe.

Photo of Jeff Hogan

Navigating with Tech & Niche: Jeff Hogan’s Vision for Modern Appraisers

Listen to the latest episode of PahRooZings Podcast: Appraisers on Purpose titled, “Navigating with Tech & Niche: Jeff Hogan’s Vision for Modern Appraisers,” where Jeff Hogan, Veros’ SVP of Valuations and Valligent’s Chief Appraiser, shares his inspiring journey and tenure as an appraiser, offering valuable insights into the constantly evolving world of appraisals.

Banner with photo of Kristin Gruidl, senior product manager of Veros Real Estate Solutions

Modern Life, Modern Loans

Kristin Gruidl, Senior Product Manager at Veros, discusses the positive industry impacts of recent changes to Fannie Mae’s Modernization Initiative. The modernization of valuations will help lenders, appraisers, and risk investors, and Veros is proud to be a part of the continued effort to standardize and collect data that helps to improve collateral valuation risk management

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