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Natural Disaster Real Estate Intelligence

Target Disaster Property Inspections Where They Matter Most

Veros’ Disaster Vision and Valligent’s ValINSPECT Disaster Equips Users with Robust Tools to:

Know which properties to focus on.
Understand subject property damages.
Kick-start the estimation of repair expenses.

Insightful Solutions for Assessing Disaster Impact

By pairing Disaster Vision’s comprehensive property level data with ValINSPECT Disaster, lenders can efficiently pinpoint and prioritize inspections for properties most likely impacted by a natural disaster, eliminating the necessity to inspect every property within Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) declared counties immediately. Both solutions may be paired or ordered separately.

Disaster Vision

Disaster VisionTM evaluates potential impact of a natural disaster at the property level by harnessing geospatial data to identify a central disaster zone and its surrounding buffer area. Using a nationwide geo-coded property database, Disaster Vision goes beyond county-level FEMA declarations, delivering accurate insights into potentially impacted properties.

Aerial view of damaged homes in a neighborhood

ValINSPECT Disaster

ValINSPECTTM Disaster rapidly gets eyes on a subject property following a natural disaster. Whether an inspector completes an exterior inspection in person or an onsite homeowner or other contact virtually connects with an inspector through a mobile device, ValINSPECT Disaster services gathers crucial property data and images to evaluate the condition of the subject property post-disaster.

About Disaster Vision

Disaster Vision leverages satellite imagery, drone imagery, federal/state agency reports, weather data, NASA burn points, and FEMA data to assess a natural disaster’s impact. From individual property lookups to portfolio monitoring, it offers versatile solutions for mortgage lenders, servicers, and insurance firms.


Disaster Vision is available as an add-on option to Veros’ VeroVALUETM AVM, which can be ordered via the VeroSELECTTM UI or API.

Match & Append

Provide a list of potentially impacted property addresses to run through Disaster Vision. Veros returns data on potentially impacted properties via an agreed-upon location.


A portfolio of properties is provided to Veros and monitored daily, pushing alerts to the client on any potentially impacted properties via an agreed-upon location.

About ValINSPECT Disaster

ValINSPECT Disaster specializes in identifying damages specifically caused by natural disasters, which is crucial for estimating repair costs. Experienced inspectors provide detailed reports for mortgage originators and servicers, offering valuable insights for pre-funding evaluations or portfolio management.

Inspections are conducted through either in-person exterior inspections or virtual inspections conducted via real-time, live-streaming video connections with an onsite homeowner or other contact. Trained inspectors deliver precise assessments of the property’s current state, categorizing damages as non-existent to major, thereby equipping users with actionable information for informed decision-making.

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