VeroVALUE Preferred

The AVM that favors accuracy over hit rate

VeroVALUE Preferred

The AVM that favors accuracy over hit rate

VeroVALUE Preferred Is Your Ideal AVM for Property Valuation Accuracy

VeroVALUE Preferred balances valuation accuracy and hit rate with a more stringent focus on accuracy.

VeroVALUE Preferred takes VeroVALUE, the premier national AMV one step further, boosting its proprietary optimization techniques, tight valuation controls, and data-rich intelligence about local market activity, with strict standards on market activity, neighborhood analysis, and usable hit rates.
Built on VeroVALUE

Delivering national coverage, consistent accuracy and meaningful confidence scores.

Balanced for Accuracy

Be confident with a stringent focus on AVM accuracy.

Fueled by Market Data

Benefit from local market activity, neighborhood analysis, and usable hit rates.

When accuracy is the priority over hit rates, VeroVALUE Preferred is unmatched. As a result, it is commonly used in the first position in a multiple-AVM cascade.

VeroVALUE Preferred valuation reports include:

  • Value estimate
  • Value range
  • Confidence score
  • Available subject property information
  • Market data information
  • Historic price trends for the subject property’s neighborhood

Additional information such as 12-month valuation forecasting and fraud detection indicators can be added to each VeroVALUE Preferred AVM report.

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