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Veros Recognized by Fitch Ratings as a Top AVM Provider

Make confident property valuation decisions with the VeroVALUE AVM designed for precision, accuracy and built on quality data.

Veros Recognized by Fitch Ratings as a Top AVM Provider

Make confident property valuation decisions with the VeroVALUE AVM designed for precision, accuracy and built on quality data.

VeroVALUE AVM Delivers Property Valuation Insight for Data-Driven Decisions

VeroVALUE™ is the automated valuation model (AVM) that offers national coverage,  consistent accuracy with the most meaningful confidence scores.  VeroVALUE has a strong reputation for model quality, unsurpassed hit rates in key areas of the U.S. as well as reliable, transparent value estimates and confidence scores.  VeroVALUE combines predictive modeling and technology with quality data and industry expertise to create valuations with unrivaled reliability.

VeroVALUE Defines AVM Accuracy​

VeroVALUE provides independently calculated subject values matched with realistic value ranges providing practical benchmarks for the AVM user, and is backed by multiple predictive technologies for superior accuracy. 


2024 Study Update on "Does Historical Redlining Influence Today’s AVM Estimates"

National Coverage
Independently calculated VeroVALUE and Realistic Value Range
Property Information and Local Market Data
Real-time Access to Performance Metrics, Security Features, Cost Controls, Tracking & Reporting
Specialized Variations for Default Properties, Accuracy vs. Hit Rate, Portfolio Needs, Expert-assisted Valuations and Fully Transparent AVM Cascades

The AVM That Is the Foundation for Other Leading Valuation Solutions

When disaster strikes…be prepared with the parcel-level information on how much, if at all,  a specific property and your portfolio were impacted by a hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, flood or other disaster. Veros’ Disaster Vision data is available as an add on when you choose VeroVALUE AVMs.

Choose this industry-leading residential property valuation tool for fast, accurate, and realistic results, even in rapidly changing markets. It’s your ideal solution for frequent access to current estimates of value across a whole portfolio of properties.

Dealing with distressed properties? VeroVALUE REO is the must-have tool for shortening REO disposition timelines and optimizing less-than-ideal recoveries. VeroVALUE REO addresses the challenges resulting from distressed assets, increased foreclosure rates, and expanding REO portfolios.

Select this index-only based automated valuation solution when you need time-based residential property valuations derived from advanced analysis of local and regional market trends.

When you need fast, reliable valuation data and condition verifications for your subject property,  VeroPHOTO Plus is the answer. VeroPHOTO Plus unites the superior accuracy of the VeroVALUE AVM with a current digital photo of the subject property and adds an external property condition report completed at the time of the AVM order.

Experience the power of the VeroVALUE AVM

Test This AVM for Yourself

The Veros analytics team constantly focuses on VeroVALUE’s data sources, data management, model enhancements, and due diligence, which means clients receive the benefit of a highly tuned AVM with top-tier hit rates and accuracy. Complete the form below to begin discussing your complimentary AVM test today and to experience the results VeroVALUE delivers.
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