Veros Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

The faster, less expensive alternative to a full appraisal, especially for servicing origination and investments.

Veros Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

The faster, less expensive alternative to a full appraisal, especially for servicing origination and investments.

Veros Broker Price Opinions Delivered To Your
Specifications, Efficiently and Swiftly!

The VeroBPO is the ideal option when you need market data, recent photos, property condition verification and an estimated market value quickly and reliably.  BPOs often provide a faster and less expensive option for residential property valuation, as compared to a full appraisal. 

Licensed “agents on the ground” provide complete and accurate detail within each VeroBPO report to help ensure your investment decisions are based on reliable and thorough market data. Designed to address today’s most challenging markets and unconventional properties with local market expertise, VeroBPO is another industry-leading valuation solution from Veros. 

Experience The VeroBPO Advantage

When you select the VeroBPO solution, you benefit the best blend of local market expertise and data-driven valuation insight. Here’s what you’ll receive when choosing VeroBPO…

A Complete Assessment of the Property and the Market

  • Data and image-rich BPO reports provide a clear understanding of the subject property for confident lending/servicing/investing decisions. 
  • Market Value Estimates: 90 Day As-Is, 90 Day As-Is Repaired and 30 Day Quick-Sale Values
  • Comparables: Sold and listed comparables backed up with supporting data and recent on-site photos

Local Market Insight & Expertise

Highly rated, licensed agents and brokers with in-depth knowledge of local market trends throughout the U.S., provide complete neighborhood and market performance assessment, expert commentary and thorough analysis.

Swift Turnaround

Delivery within 5 business days of placing the order or even faster with a rush order.

Instant Ordering & Management

VeroBPO is conveniently offered through VeroSELECT– the one valuation solution for all your property valuation needs.

Superior Customer Service

Should you ever require assistance, the Veros client support team is driven to exceed your expectations throughout the entire process.

Broker Price Opinion

Each VeroBPO Provides Detailed
Property & Market Insight

  • Residential Exterior BPO and Interior BPO
  • Narrative on local market conditions
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Subject property condition
  • Suggested list and sales price
  • Photos of subject property and comparables
  • Location map with comps
  • More than 50 property data elements
  • Full access to an extensive network of nationwide licensed professionals

Detailed Exterior and
Interior BPO Reports

VeroBPO offers detailed interior and exterior BPO inspection as well as drive-by exterior examination with multiple photos of the subject property. The inspection elements include external data sources, property assessment data, neighborhood amenities, recent comparable sales data and current neighborhood listings with comparable property photos. VeroBPO reports include adjustments and estimates of repairs to obtain a fair market value, current and historical neighborhood conditions as well commentary on external influences that may impact the property’s marketability.

Get a Clear BPO Picture
with Digital Photos

VeroBPO includes digital photos to support the agent commentary and value opinion. Pictures can reveal repairs needed to make the subject property marketable or highlight attributes that distinguish the subject property from other recent photos are vital to assessing collateral risk.

Your BPO’s Safe and
Secure In One Place

You can have confidence in knowing that you will always be able to access your current and previously ordered BPO reports within VeroSELECT.

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