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Collateral Risk Assessment & Management

Collateral Risk Assessment & Management

Complete Collateral Risk
Assessment & Management

Veros’ products and solutions work relentlessly to help you achieve more accurate and reliable collateral assessments to better control risk throughout the entire mortgage chain from origination through securitization of mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities pools. The result is a suite of tools that will change the way you view your real estate or lending portfolio, the way you think about risk management and the way you manage your workflow to keep up with the rapid pace of the mortgage industry.

Collateral Risk Management Solutions

When disaster strikes – be prepared with the parcel-level information on how much – if at all – a specific property was impacted by a hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, flood or other disaster. Veros Disaster Vision data is available as an add on when you choose VeroVALUE AVMs.

Add this report to your real estate risk and fraud-fighting tools. The most comprehensive risk report on the market, Collateral Integrity Analysis analyzes, detects and accurately identifies high-risk transactions while minimizing costly false positives.

You’ll be able to make faster, more insightful and virtually instantaneous analysis of appraisal reports and their associated risk. VeroSCORE delivers concise, easy-to-apply corrective actions, replacing the complex, time-consuming manual appraisal review with immediate automated analysis and scoring. This significantly simplifies the review process and enables users to identify high-risk appraisals before they result in rejections or repurchase requests.

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