The One Valuation SaaS for all your Property Valuation Needs

VeroSELECT is the only property valuation solution you may ever need, providing instant access to a complete suite of valuation solutions and services.

The One Valuation SaaS for all your Property Valuation Needs

VeroSelect is the only property valuation solution you may ever need, providing instant access to a complete suite of valuation solutions and services.

VeroSELECT is The #1 Choice for All of Your Property Valuation and Collateral Risk Management Needs

You’ll Benefit from A Unified Ecosystem That Supports a Compliant, Efficient and Accurate Valuation Process

One valuation tool is all you need when you choose VeroSelect to fulfill all of your property valuation needs. You will accomplish key business objectives including loan origination, loan portfolio reviews, valuing distressed assets and more with ease, efficiency and accuracy. With VeroSelect, you’ll gain a complete property valuation and collateral risk management engine to empower your critical business decisions with AVMs and Cascades, Broker Price Opinions, and Property Condition Reports.

VeroSELECT Provides The Best Collateral Valuation Tools All-in-One Solution

Access critical property valuation intelligence to make informed risk decisions quickly and with data-powered confidence.

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Over 25 Valuation Solutions and 15 + Solution Providers

Plus All The Security and Convenience You Expect From A Valuation Solution

VeroSELECT Is The Smart Choice for The Best AVM Cascade Management

Choosing VeroSELECT for AVM cascade management, you’ll experience full transparency into your AVM cascade with highly detailed reporting and on-demand usage reports.  VeroSELECT puts you in control with pre-set or customizable rules, variable selection including geography, price range, confidence score cut-offs and forecasted standard deviation. You’ll be able to leverage these intelligent and adaptable tools to manage your business decisions based on cost, compliance and loan performance metrics.

Truly Customizable AVM Cascade Management

Customize logic streamlines your workflow based on your business rules and cascade options including value range, FSD, thresholds, county, city, state, zip and so much more!

Instant Access to Top Performing AVMs

Fueled by real-time data integration and advanced validation, VeroSELECT’s complete suite of AVMs offers the greatest geographic coverage, hit rate and accuracy in the industry.

Full Compliance and Audit Controls

Gain internal peace of mind and external validation for regulatory compliance knowing that transaction data is verifiable in the system’s audit trail.

Get Veros Disaster Data with your AVM and Portfolio Review for Better Risk Control

When disaster strikes – be prepared with the parcel-level information on how much – if at all – a specific property and your portfolio were impacted by a hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, flood or other disaster. Veros Disaster Data is available as an add on when you choose VeroVALUE AVMs.

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Photos of diverse family

Automated Valuation Models Can Help Identify Home Appraisal Bias in Minority Communities

The results revealed no evidence of racial basis in the VeroVALUE AVM.

“We found that the proportion of properties that are undervalued by 15% or more is not correlated with the proportion of Black, Hispanic, Asian, or White populations,” said Eric Fox, Veros Real Estate Solutions Chief Economist. “This is crucial because it addresses concerns about undervaluations of minority-owned properties.”

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Corporate Investor Home Purchases are at the Highest Levels in a Decade

The recent hot housing market has led to a sharp rise in single-family home investor purchases. The large increases experienced in the housing market have made single-family homes a quality investment that can produce yearly returns higher than those seen in the stock market. Investor Purchase Percentage usually hits its peak from December to February,

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