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EAD Preview

Experience Transparent Electronic Appraisal Delivery

As the innovative leader in appraisal submission solutions and with the evolving needs of the industry in mind, Veros continues to provide quality, reliable and compliant technology solutions that foster integrity in the collateral valuation process. As part of this commitment, Veros leads the industry with EAD “Preview—the next evolution in automated appraisal delivery to the secondary market.

Veros leads the industry in designing appraisal solutions that outpace the competition in reliability, compliance, stability and submission success. With the industry’s continued reliance on PATHWAY’s compliance and quality checks [for secondary market appraisal submissions], Veros is again the first to offer mortgage lenders and technology vendors the ability to find appraisal data quality issues ahead of time. Lenders and technology vendors are minimizing risks against known warnings and hard-stops with the new Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Preview function, available through Veros’ proprietary portal connection known as PATHWAY.

The EAD Preview Helps You Focus on Quality

Take control of your appraisal data, and submit only the highest quality appraisal submissions.

Proven, Reliable and Consistent

  • Preview & fix critical EAD errors
  • Prevent non-compliant appraisals from reaching FHA’s portal
  • Reduce delays
  • Identify and minimize collateral risks proactively instead of reactively
  • Real-time solution to meet growing appraisal quality needs

Find, Fix and Resolve Appraisal Errors

As the overall cost of compliance rises and buy-backs continue to be a prime lender concern, taking the appropriate steps to identify and mitigate quality and compliance errors up front is more important than ever before. The EAD Preview functionality, available through Veros’ PATHWAY system-to-system integration, enables your team the chance to identify errors before submitting incomplete or non-compliant appraisal data that could result in delays, additional resource costs or, ultimately negatively impact your reputation. Get the Preview and take control of data quality upfront.

A Few of the EAD Preview Benefits

  • Quality Assurance – by getting proactive, detailed findings based on anticipated EAD warnings and errors
  • Save Time & Money – by better controlling turnaround times, streamlining operational processes and limiting unnecessary managerial reviews
  • Risk Mitigation – by helping lenders align with FHA standards for appraisal acceptance
  • Simplification – of the work process and flow. Teams can manage and address issues earlier in the loan lifecycle involving higher level management when needed
  • Reputation Management – retain a clean “bill of health” regarding FHA portal submissions

The EAD Preview Solution That Just Make Sense

Stay ahead of regulations and investor expectations with a smart tool that promotes quality data practices up-front, and prevents Fatal Errors and “Rejected Submission” responses. Instantly identify known warnings and hard-stops to help your team proactively reduce appraisal issues pre-submission and prevent quality issues that may require intervention down the road. PATHWAY’s EAD Preview gives you the opportunity to examine the appraisal for critical errors and hard stops that can affect your appraisal acceptance. Reduce delays, improve turnaround times, and flag compliance issues or possible indicators of risk before submitting to FHA. This is a solution that just makes sense.

Why EAD Preview by Veros?

  • Veros is the first technology provider to offer an EAD Preview through its proprietary system integration
  • Veros’ EAD Preview solution is always up-to-date with EAD’s known critical errors and warnings
  • Veros was the first to develop and support appraisal submission to the EAD through its proprietary PATHWAY platform
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