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October 2023

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Finding Affordability in the Midwest

Dive into our RiskWire Webcast by watching the latest episode, “Finding Affordability in the Midwest.” In this episode, you will listen to the dynamic duo of Eric Fox, Chief Economist and SVP of Analytics, and Reena Agrawal, Research Economist, as they discuss the ongoing issue of housing affordability in today’s market and unravel what this means for aspiring homeowners.

“Staying Put” is the New “Downsizing” in Today’s Housing Market

Baby boomers’ share of real estate wealth was 43.5% in Q2 2023. The boomers own the largest share of real estate wealth and overtook the Silent generation in 2000 and have maintained their top spot since then. And they are in no hurry to relinquish their top spot, opting to stay in their current homes …

“Staying Put” is the New “Downsizing” in Today’s Housing Market Read More »


Valligent Mitigates Valuation Bias and Ensures Appraisal Accuracy with BiasCHECK

Santa Ana, Calif., October 10, 2023 — Valligent, a Veros Software company providing market-leading real estate valuation solutions, has enhanced their traditional appraisal quality control process with BiasCHECKSM, a technology-based risk analysis solution integrated into Valligent’s appraisal review to quickly detect if an appraisal may be at risk for potential valuation bias or quality issues that need deeper analysis.

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