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How Natural Disaster Alert Data Is Changing Mortgage Lending and Servicing

Veros joined Black Knight in a Housingwire Webinar to provide lenders and servicers with a peak into the insight disaster alerts offers including:

What if lenders could be alerted to at-risk properties before a disaster is even officially declared? What if servicers could pinpoint which homeowner to send forbearance letters to at the property level?

As we progress through another year of mortgage challenges and steep competition, mortgage professionals need all the data advantages they can get to be cost efficient while also deepening and retaining borrower relationships.

Watch this webinar as Robert Walker, VP of Sales at Veros, discusses how data alerts for property listings and natural disasters can help impact better decision-making for lenders and servicers. Expert panelists highlight the innovative capabilities of data alerts with real-life scenarios. Explore the benefits of early and near real-time notifications of critical property related events and find out how you can use them to leverage cost savings and beat your competition to the borrower.

To learn more on how Disaster Vision pinpoints the impacted properties beyond FEMA, contact us here for a demo or sign up for disaster alerts by Veros’ Disaster Vision today.

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