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Veros Disaster Data Property Impact Reports

Here is the list of previous natural disasters Veros tracked to provide data, analytics and insight on the people and properties impacted.

End of Year Impact Reviews

Event Status
The 2021 Natural Disaster Impact Report Year In Review Get Report
The 2020 Natural Disaster Impact Report Year In Review Get Report
The 2019 Natural Disaster Impact Report Year In Review Get Report

Natural Disaster Events Tracked

Event Date Status
Tropical Depression Eta November 09, 2020 Tracked
Hurricane Zeta October 28, 2020 Tracked
Hurricane Delta October 6-10, 2020 Tracked
Hurricane Sally September 16, 2020 Tracked
Oregon Fires August 16, 2020 Tracked
Hurricane Laura August 27, 2020 Tracked
California Wildfires August 10, 2020 Tracked
Midwest Derecho August 10, 2020 Tracked
Apple Fire July 31, 2020 Tracked
Tropical Storm Isaias July 31, 2020 Tracked
Tropical Depression Cristibol June 08, 2020 Tracked
Michigan Dam Breach May 19, 2020 Get The Brief
Texas Tornadoes April 22 - 23, 2020 Tracked
Easter Tornadoes April 12-13, 2020 Get the Brief
Tennessee Tornadoes March 2, 2020 Get the Brief
Pearl Flood Event February 10 – 14, 2020 Tracked

Three Ways to Access Veros Disaster Data

Through VeroSELECT, the one valuation SaaS for all your property valuation needs, you can instantly order a VeroVALUE AVM which includes a property level indication if the property is located in a recent disaster area.


Choose VeroVALUE AVM for a specific property indication of potential disaster impact, or evaluate your entire portfolio with VeroVALUE Portfolio.

With Match & Append, Veros will take your data file of property addresses and append both a VeroVALUE AVM as well as an indicator of each property and its location within the core area of the disaster, or in the immediate buffer around the core.

When Disaster Strikes… How Strong is Your Portfolio?
Veros Knows. Now You Can Too.

Plus, once you discover if a property is within the actual disaster area and may be affected, you will want to know if any actual damage occurred. A VeroPHOTO+™ property condition report (PCR) is the perfect solution to obtain your eyes on a property condition and value.

Don’t wait for a natural disaster to strike. Veros is prepared to help you today.

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