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Despite rising prices and mortgage rate, why are home prices forecast to rise even higher?

The data suggests that while some first-time homebuyers are getting priced out of the housing market due to affordability, prices are being driven by demand from repeat and all-cash buyers as they compete for a low supply of homes.

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The 15.6% Increase in Housing Starts Won’t Cool Prices in 2022

The latest data on residential construction from the US Census Bureau and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that annual housing starts …

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rapid levels of price increases stabilizing and slowing down slightly in 2022

Expect Slightly Slower Home-price Growth, Market Still Booming in 2022

Veros’ VeroFORECAST data predicts America’s housing market to remain robust overall in 2022, with the pace of home price appreciation to slow down slightly. SANTA …

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Chart comparing different iBuyer Scenarios and Month's Supply of Homes

Should Zillow’s iBuyer Home Flipping Collapse Be of Concern for the Real Estate Market?

After last week’s shock waves when Zillow announced the demise of its home-flipping business, questions have begun to swirl around its impact on the residential real estate market and on the stability of remaining iBuyers such as Opendoor or Offerpad.

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Homes stuck in a housing bubble

Top 5 Reasons Why today’s hot housing market is not the same as the 2006 bubble

There continue to be some economists, real estate experts, media, and others who state that today’s housing market is in a bubble much like it was in 2005-2006 and getting ready to crash. Here’s Top 5 Reasons why this is not…

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Veros Reports US Home Price Forecast Will Remain Strong Into 2022

“Veros continues to accurately predict robust appreciation throughout the overall housing market, which will remain solid and steady well into 2022,” said Darius Bozorgi, CEO of Veros Real Estate Solutions. “The continued year-over-year increase is heavily driven by strong markets in the Western United States. Four of the highest-performing markets are located in Idaho where in-migration continues to fuel housing demand.”

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A view of hurricane over North America

Hurricanes and Their Surprising Impact on Home Prices

One question that naturally arises is how do hurricanes impact home prices after they hit? The answer may be surprising.

To investigate, we looked at a list of the 20 most expensive hurricanes on record (adjusted for inflation) in the US from the last 32 years.

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