VeroVALUE Suite

Precision, Accuracy & Quality Data

Since 2001, VeroVALUE has developed a strong reputation for model quality, unsurpassed hit rates in key areas of the U.S. as well as reliable, transparent value estimates and confidence scores. VeroVALUE combines predictive modeling and technology with quality data and industry expertise to create valuations with unrivaled reliability.

VeroVALUE Delivers

VeroVALUE delivers independently calculated subject values matched with realistic value ranges providing practical benchmarks for the AVM user, and is backed by multiple predictive technologies for unexcelled accuracy. Additional benefits of VeroVALUE include:

  • National Coverage
  • Independently calculated VeroVALUE and Realistic Value Range
  • Online Property Information and Local Market Data Access
  • Web-based Account Management for Time-saving Efficiency
  • Real-time Access to Performance Metrics, Security Features, Cost Controls, Track & Reporting
  • Specialized Variations for Default Properties, Accuracy vs, Hit Rate, Portfolio Needs, Expert-assisted Valuations and Fully Transparent AVM Cascades

NEWS:  Veros introduces property-specific 'Disaster Data' alongside its AVM Reports

Test Today

Veros has released a series of gradual and controlled updates to VeroVALUE which have produced significant improvements in the AVM's performance. The Veros analytics team places continual focus on VeroVALUE's data sources, data management, model enhancements, and due diligence, which means clients receive the benefit of a highly tuned AVM with top-tier hit rates and accuracy. Complete the form below to begin discussing your complimentary AVM test today and let VeroVALUE's numbers speak for themselves.

The VeroVALUE Suite

Veros has designed a family of AVMs that comprise the VeroVALUE AVM Suite. These automated valuations are designed to weigh accuracy against hit rate, allowing you to create the balance you need in a single AVM or in a cascade approach.

VeroVALUE Preferred 

VeroVALUE Preferred balances valuation accuracy and hit rate with a more stringent focus on accuracy. VeroVALUE Preferred takes VeroVALUE, the premier national valuation tool one step further, boosting its proprietary optimization techniques, tight valuation controls, and data-rich intelligence about local market activity, with strict standards on market activity, neighborhood analysis, and usable hit rates.

When accuracy is the priority over hit rates, VeroVALUE Preferred is unmatched. As a result, it is commonly used in the first position in a multiple-AVM cascade.

VeroVALUE Preferred reports include:

• Value estimate
• Value range
• Confidence score
• Available subject property information
• Market data information
• Historic price trends for the subject property's neighborhood

Additional information such as 12-month valuation forecasting and fraud detection indicators can be added to each AVM report.

This web-based tool gives lenders the ability to save time and money by relying on local valuation experts to make a determination of value and advise when additional levels of service may be required.

Other members of the VeroVALUE AVM Suite include VeroVALUE REO for automated valuation insights specific to distressed property conditions, and VeroVALUE Portfolio for batch transactions and portfolio review.

True Valuation Confidence

The Veros Confidence Score (VCS) is engineered to produce consistently precise accuracy indicators for the underlying valuations provided by VeroVALUE. Each VCS uses a scale of 1-100 to meaningfully correlate the accuracy of the valuations. The scale's simplicity enables any organization to easily build highly effective rules for optimal collateral decisions. Veros consistently delivers the highest percentage of values at the highest levels of confidence - resulting in the highest possible accuracy for your business decisions.

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