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PATHWAY Appraisal Sharing

Since the March 2012 UCDP mandate, more than 30 million appraisal files have been submitted to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (GSEs). Through all these submissions, third-party originators (or correspondent lenders) and loan aggregators with high volume submissions have been in need of an efficient, reliable and trusted way to share appraisal information as it flows into the portal.

To meet customer demand, Veros is the first to introduce an innovative, yet simple sharing capability through its “PATHWAY” system-to-system connection to UCDP. As the official technology provider for the UCDP, Veros built the appraisal sharing enhancement requested by the GSEs, and is now bringing this important functionality to our customers. PATHWAY’s appraisal sharing approach is an automated, reliable and secure way for originators to give direct access to appraisal submissions they wish to “share”.

Simply Smarter Appraisal Sharing

Designed to support real-world sharing needs and constraints, the PATHWAY Appraisal Sharing solution provides centralized functionality that makes it easy to share and retrieve appraisal data. By simply designating the appropriate aggregator with the appraisal submission through PATHWAY, correspondent lenders can significantly streamline and secure the appraisal-sharing process. Then, with automated access to the correspondent’s appraisals, PATHWAY’s new data sharing standard gives aggregators the confidence that they will always have the most up-to-date status when selling a loan to the GSEs.

Now, everybody has the right kind of visibility to take their business to the next level.

This Solution Is Designed For

Correspondents (or Third-party Originators)

  • Ability to quickly and easily share individual appraisal information with designated aggregators within the loan securitization workflow
  • Sharing files with aggregators is seamless, centralized and secure


  • Ability to retrieve a list of correspondent-shared appraisals on an automated basis
  • Ability to check Status, retrieve Findings and view Submission Summary Reports for correspondent-shared appraisals—all with the most up-to-date data 
  • Updates or changes to the original correspondent-shared appraisal files are synchronized with the latest UCDP data
  • Eliminates manual retrieval of SSR data in the UCDP web interface as well as transmission of appraisal files via email
  • Allows third-party originators to initiate the UCDP submission process without complicating the ownership of the appraisal document when it is time to securitize the loan

Mortgage originators and aggregators can see greater efficiency, accelerated loan processing times and improved transparency throughout the process – all within the reliability and security of PATHWAY.

Secure and Reliable Appraisal Automation – simply a smarter way to share

Seamless & Secured Appraisal Sharing

PATHWAY’s correspondent appraisal sharing functionality ensures sharing of the right documents to the right audience, quickly and securely.

Intuitive Workflow
Sharing or retrieving Doc File IDs shouldn’t require you to move mountains or make compromises to your operational controls. PATHWAY’s sharing and retrieval maximizes your securitization workflow in one easy step.

Strengthens Partnerships
Unify and strengthen business partnership between correspondents and aggregators

Secure Data Transmission
As the official technology provider to the UCDP, the PATHWAY Appraisal Sharing functionality is fully integrated within the PATHWAY submission process and encompasses the highest standards of data and systems security controls to protect all parties in the decision process.

  • Confidently manage and initiate appraisal sharing with strong security and oversight measures.
  • Veros complies with strict standards to ensure privacy and protection
  • Full server redundancy and disaster recovery assures data securely transverses across the network of authorized securitization partners through PATHWAY’s system-to-system appraisal sharing, uninterrupted.


Integration is straight-forward and provides clients with the confidence that Veros – the technology provider that built and maintains the UCDP platform – will ensure your integration is complete and assist you in issue resolution and future system updates.

  • Low integration hurdles allows you to leverage the appraisal sharing functionality quickly
  • A simple and fully automated appraisal sharing functionality that gets the job done! Contact us to learn how

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