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Award-winning, Automated Risk Mitigation Tools
Designed For Better Control and Clarity

Risk Managers

Mortgage risk can lurk in many corners, and we’ve made it our mission at Veros to develop products and systems that help lenders, servicers, investors, mortgage insurers and technology providers identify potential risk in collateral valuations. 

VeroVALUE began this journey in 2001, bringing the second-generation of AVMs to the market and with it, deeper levels of sophistication and granularity on valuation modeling as well as check-and-balance measures such as true “confidence scores”.  As the Veros product suite expanded, tools like VeroFORECAST or VeroVALUE Portfolio have helped investors keep careful watch over their mortgage portfolios and identify when and where property valuation levels will move beyond the firm’s risk thresholds.  VeroSCORE brings automation to appraisal review, establishing an upfront barrier to appraisal valuation risk by conducting necessary checks on appraiser licensing and essential completeness and compliance requirements on an appraisal report before delving into and reporting on deeper levels of risk analysis.

Veros’ software tools, like Sapphire, are also designed to help users mitigate risk by maintaining clear and accessible audit trails for all activity related to the ordering, receipt, review and submission of an appraisal through the valuation pipeline whether you order appraisals from an AMC, an in-house team or your own panel of professionals.  

The Veros team embodies a consultative approach when it comes to risk management.  No two clients are alike in their valuation strategies, technology needs, risk thresholds or mortgage footprint.  Accordingly, recommendations for analytics and systems to manage risk are recommended on an individual basis, giving clients a risk management solution to suit today’s valuation management requirements and with the capacity to grow and adapt to tomorrow’s needs. 

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