Appraisal Management Platform

Sapphire Appraisal Management System 

Sapphire is Veros Real Estate Solutions’ premiere web-based ordering and review platform for property valuation management. 

An agile appraisal management system, Sapphire provides the structured flexibility to manage valuation strategies from beginning to end.
Sapphire includes comprehensive order, review, appraisal delivery, reporting and administration functions, as well as powerful functionality to cover a wide range of industry needs. From UCDP® compatibility including previews, submissions and delivery, to data aggregation for vendor optimization and management, to appraiser panel management, and PDF extraction services, Sapphire accommodates the breadth of valuation management needs in one intuitive platform.

Veros created Sapphire to help conscientious institutions stay in check with ever-changing regulations and requirements by designing a platform that allows for constant diligence and attention to detail in each transaction.

Sapphire helps lenders be compliant with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), with secure payments, electronic appraisal delivery and an audit trail to help provide peace of mind that key milestones have been met. 

Designed for an intuitive user experience, Sapphire has scalable functionality to seamlessly evolve with business demands and has mission-critical system controls necessary for organizational success.  



Order Module

Sapphire’s order module allows users to manage the valuation ordering process across the entire spectrum of products, including appraisals, property data and more.

Order Placement

The order placement component, an effortless interface for placing single or batch orders, connects users' appraisal valuation providers (both individual appraisers and appraisal management companies)

  • Easy online ordering with secure online payments.
  • Users can order individual or batches of appraisals.
  • Integrated payment method provides secure payment and tracking.
  • For convenience, the payment feature allows for users to provide borrower(s) with the ability to complete their payment online.
  • Sapphire conducts an automatic check for order duplications to help clients control costs.
  • To ensure prompt action in line with business policies, Sapphire places orders based on assigned routing rules determined by the client.
  • Sapphire provides an order confirmation so users know the order has been transmitted to the valuation provider.

Order Management

Sapphire is equipped with a complete pipeline management tool. Through an easy-to-use interface, clients can search for an order or set of orders based on important criteria and take immediate action to reassign, cancel or modify. Once an order has been placed, Sapphire has the ability to find duplicates before processing and providing an order confirmation. In addition, clients can:

  • Use the advanced search for detailed information requests
  • List all orders placed, cancelled, or modified, organized by vendor
  • Track and manage incoming and outgoing orders and handle reassignments

Order Dashboard

Sapphire’s order dashboard seamlessly organizes all activity surrounding the initiation, processing, assignment and delivery of individual or batch valuation orders. The dashboard provides a highly efficient Quick Start and Quick Order feature keeping critical business moving forward. Users will appreciate the dashboard’s Stats view, which lends visual impact to current data through real-time charts and graphs.

Review Module

The expert analysis of an industry professional is a critical element in the valuation review process; however, there is an increasing need for an automated and objective examination in order to make the most informed decisions on property valuation. Sapphire is designed to significantly improve workflow by providing the best of both worlds. To streamline the review process, Sapphire incorporates critical automated quality control and accommodates multiple layers of manual review for added assurances.

Secure Appraisal Delivery

Users can securely send and track the electronic delivery of the appraisal to the borrower(s). Borrowers have the ability to review and download the appraisal online through the Sapphire secure web portal. In addition, Sapphire provides a time-stamped audit trail of the appraisal delivery and acceptance to help monitor compliance. 

Automated Quality Control (QC)

Automated quality control handles essential checks and balances behind the scenes to save time and effort by eliminating the manual review of a non-compliant report. Any report not clearing the QC process will be sent back to the vendor for re-submission.

Automated Review

Automated review puts the property valuation through a series of client-defined rules to determine how labor-intensive upcoming review stages should be. If the automated review meets the client’s generally accepted criteria, Sapphire will accept the valuation. If the automated review is questionable, then Sapphire will route the valuation into the appropriate queue for manual review by the most appropriate reviewer on the client’s roster.

Manual Review

Sapphire will determine which reviewer is best equipped to perform a manual review of the returned report based on geographic area, review specialty or even vacation schedules. The manual review interface allows for efficient and traceable analysis by multiple reviewers. Additionally, Sapphire provides a powerful matrix view for quick and direct comparisons of valuations on a single property against various products and points in time.

Management Review

Managers have transparency into the entire review process and can enforce a senior review phase to take place after a junior reviewer completes his/her analysis on a report. Additionally, a manager can control employee workloads, time off, specialties, as well as a number of other criteria to make workflow more efficient.

Secure Appraisal Delivery

Users can securely send and track the electronic delivery of the appraisal to the borrower(s), as well as send secure emails in the appraisal delivery workflow. Borrowers have the ability to review and download the appraisal online through the Sapphire secure web portal. In addition, Sapphire provides a timestamped audit trail of the appraisal delivery and acceptance to help monitor compliance. 

Reporting Module

Sapphire’s reporting module allows managers to keep pace with the demands of multiple groups ranging from regulators and employees to upper management and customers and to fully track transactions in today’s constantly evolving environment.

Sapphire was designed to provide users with total transparency throughout the valuation process through adherence to compliance regulations, as well as the ability to track all valuation lifecycle steps. Each step taken through the valuation lifecycle is auditable and trackable in Sapphire’s comprehensive suite of available reports.

Standard Reporting

Users have access to a comprehensive set of standard valuation management reports for operational and compliance needs. This library of reports is available for quick and easy use to allow Sapphire’s clients to monitor and report on the entire valuation lifecycle.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Sapphire incorporates access to ad hoc reporting capabilities which allow on-demand creation of reports based on key system criteria. Ad hoc reports can be saved, scheduled and set to auto-send at designated intervals so key findings will be ready and waiting whether needed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

Additional Functionalities

Sapphire has the structured flexibility to meet specific organizational business needs through the addition of specialized available modules and features.

Appraiser Panel Management (APM)

APM gives lenders the flexibility to include appraisers from their own approved panels while remaining compliant with Dodd-Frank, FHA and other appraiser independence guidance. The APM functionality allows lenders to electronically invite appraisers to join their network, reduce their dependence on single vendors, keep response times high and reduce costs over the long term.

Lenders maintain total control of the relationship to the appraiser with the ability to add, remove, or change panel members and modify order rules on-demand. Users can set and track negotiated service fees on an appraiser-by-appraiser basis. Additionally, lenders can:

  • Track appraiser licenses for proper credentials, license status and expirations, as well as certification levels.
  • Manage communications between lender and appraiser in one central location to create a complete audit trail.
  • Adjust schedules and track appraiser availability (i.e. vacation schedules).
  • Set capacity per appraiser to ensure individuals are not overloaded.

Secondary Market Portal Delivery & Compatibility

Sapphire offers streamlined modules to help clients convert, check and submit electronic appraisal data directly to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) and to Federal Housing Administration’s Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Portal. Modules available include:

UAD, UCDP & EAD Preview
Provides an initial run-through of UCDP’s and EAD's known requirements to confirm an expected passing status.

UCDP & EAD Hard Stop Override
Provides the ability to submit error correction codes for known UCDP and EAD submission hard stops.

UCDP & EAD Submission
Sapphire will submit to UCDP and EAD on behalf of the user. Submission is automatically triggered after completion of the appraisal review within the Review Module.

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Order Appraisals Directly Through Encompass® By Ellie Mae

SapphireSM is seamlessly integrated into Encompass All-in-One Mortgage Management Solution. This enhanced integration enables Encompass users to securely order appraisals from their own panel of appraisers or AMCs, and manage those providers in Sapphire to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process – while never losing connectivity with Encompass workflow.

  • Lenders can engage their vendors more directly, utilizing routing and review rules specific to their organization within Veros’ Sapphire system.
  • Users will appreciate the direct influence on transparency, fees, timelines, and overall quality control because Sapphire can manage orders automatically, incorporating both system- and customer-specific validation rules.

World-Class Customer Service

Veros has worked carefully to build a responsive and efficient customer service team to attend to client needs. Customer service representatives aim to create a positive relationship with clients from the start by working with clients, person-to-person, in a focused partnership approach.

Maximizing Technology & Safeguarding Data

With an extensive background creating state-of-the-art technology, Veros understands the critical nature of protecting highly sensitive and mission critical data from every possible threat. Veros operates at the forefront of established and emerging industry information and security best practices. Veros’ technology is backed by multiple layers of high availability and disaster recovery protection, as well as 24/7/365 physical and automated monitoring of its data center facilities. Veros is dedicated to preserving the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data it manages on behalf of its clients.

For the last decade, Veros has built a strong tradition of technology innovation in the mortgage industry.

With Sapphire, Veros continues to lead the way with technology designed to help mortgage professionals stay on top of changes and make smarter business decisions.

Sapphire Case Study - How Appraisal Automation is Driving One of America’s Largest Homebuilders

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