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Last Phase! Register for the Final EAD Portal Onboarding Phase Now

On March 24, 2016, FHA announced reminders of important updates to its Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal.  Here’s the announcement:

  • Only One EAD Portal Onboarding Phase Remains
  • Quick Tips While Ramping Up EAD Portal Submissions
  • FHA Connection Offline Five Hours Early on March 26, 2016

Only One Onboarding Phase Remain – Last Chance to Register

With only one onboarding phase remaining before the EAD portal’s June 27, 2016 mandatory use date, mortgagees that have not yet registered for an onboarding phase should do so now. More information is available on FHA’s EAD portal Mortgagee Onboarding Process web page.


Phase Onboarding Phase
Start Date
Onboarding Phase
End Date
6 March 15, 2016 May 15, 2016 Closing March 15, 2016
7 April 15, 2016 June 15, 2016 Open


Reminder by FHA: Mortgagees who have not registered by April 14, 2016 for an onboarding, and who have not completed onboarding to the EAD portal before the June 27, 2016 mandatory use date, will not be able to submit appraisals to FHA; manually enter appraisal information in the FHA Connection (FHAC) Appraisal Logging Screen; or obtain an FHA insurance endorsement.

Quick Tips While Ramping Up EAD Portal Submissions

For mortgagees that are in the process of ramping up their Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) portal use as part of their standard operations, consider the following quick tips selected from some of the most frequently asked questions FHA has received from mortgagees:

  • Mortgagee EAD Administrator(s) must initiate a relationship with each of their designated third-party service providers in the EAD portal before the third-party service provider can access the portal. More information is contained in the FHA EAD Lender Agent Administrator Guide.
  • EAD portal functionality allows mortgagees or their designated third-party service providers to load appraisals and/or appraisal updates for the property address and FHA case number. Each appraisal and/or update to an appraisal must be loaded in the appropriate EAD portal fields to comply with FHA policy. More details on the appraisal loading sequence are contained in the FHA EAD Portal Appraisal Loading fact sheet.

Have more questions about using the EAD portal? Check out the FHA Resource Center’s online, searchable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site, newly updated with dozens of EAD portal FAQs. Available 24/7, the FAQ site should be your first stop for EAD portal answers when you need them fast – keyword “EAD.”


Get more information on Mortgagee Onboarding Process Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD) Portal

Get information, user guides, fact sheets, and more on FHA’s EAD Portal web page at:


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