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Gen Z on Housing Affordability

Learn about the challenges faced by Millennials and Gen Z in the quest for homeownership in RiskWire webcast episode #13. Hosted by Reena Agrawal, Veros’ Research Economist, alongside guests Kevin Bui, Business Intelligence Analyst, Jon Flees, Data Scientist, and Jalen Liu, Data Analyst, this episode comprehensively reviews the difficulties these generations encounter in purchasing a home.
Explore the impact of soaring home prices, stagnant incomes, and even the burden of student debt. From ambitious side hustles to unique wedding registry requests, gain insights into the innovative ways Millennials and Gen Z are navigating this tough market. Join the discussion on the housing affordability crisis and discover why it’s been so difficult for these generations to purchase their dream home.

Key Episode Highlights:

  • The alarming rise in home prices compared to stagnant incomes since the 1960s
  • Millennials and Gen Z’s creative approaches to saving for a home
  • Perspectives on the supply-demand crisis, and the impact of post-COVID housing uncertainties

Watch now to understand the challenges of the current real estate market and the hurdles faced by younger generations. You won’t want to miss the experiences and strategies of Millennials and Gen Z in their pursuit of the American Dream of homeownership. Tune in now.

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