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Housing Market Trend: 10 Best Cities for Small Businesses and Corresponding Home Prices

Small Business Saturday is coming up, and Veros Real Estate Solutions considered the best cities in the country for building a thriving small business and increasing home prices.

A “small business” can range from bakeries to boutiques to cafes, and Small Business Saturday, which encourages consumers to shop locally on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to build wealth on Main Street and at home.

Three of the cities that made the shortlist for a promising business environment have prices that are forecasted to exceed the national home price appreciation average of 3.7%. This means that a chiropractor in Oklahoma City can adjust her wealth as well as her patients’ backs while she sees her home price increase an estimated 3.8% by Q3 2020. A beauty salon owner in Boston can live in style with an expected home price increase of 4.7%. And pet groomers in Salt Lake City should see their home prices rise by a tail-wagging 5.2%.

Mechanics, lawyers, accountants, wedding singers, innkeepers and even magicians are among the many entrepreneurs who can enjoy the benefits of owning a home in a city where its value is increasing. Carefully manage your real estate assets and, presto, money appears!

The VeroFORECAST of 10 Cities Where Small Businesses Thrive

RankSmall-Business-Friendly CitiesNumber of Small Business Owners*Home Price Increase
1Miami, FL134,3323.30%
2New York, NY411,3232.50%
3Portland, OR44,4073.40%
4Los Angeles, CA243,4613.20%
5San Francisco, CA84,3243.00%
6Denver, CO50,6193.60%
7Seattle, WA66,3931.90%
8Salt Lake City, UT20,3205.20%
9Boston, MA81,5174.70%
10Oklahoma City, OK22,9693.80%

*Small Business Owners per capita according to Small Business Trends online publication, September 2019

Having a home and a business in the same town decreases the commute while increasing one’s connection to other businesses as well as other residents and the team you employ. A home is an investment, just like your business. Why not settle in a city that is most likely to help you thrive on both fronts?

For more information about the VeroFORECAST, visit VeroFORECAST.

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