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Ghost hunters looking for a spooktacular home price?

Consider real estate in one of these cities. 

Any city can boast of its fine restaurants, craft breweries, museums, and public parks. But few can claim a history that reaches out to the living! Your home is your investment, and at Veros we’ve identified some spooky cities where price-increases are screaming for buyers.

History is living and breathing in these cities, and the wood, brick, and mortar hold memories of times past and of the people who slept upstairs, roamed the markets, and fought for freedom.

With Boston’s historic past, house hunting and ghost hunting are one in the same. And with home prices steadily on the rise, In the Q3 2019 VeroFORECAST, Veros predicted an average increase of home value between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020 to be 3.7%, Boston is the place to be with a projected increase of 4.7% by Halloween next year. Ghostly sightings, a rich, colonial history, and increasing home prices will have people howling for their own piece of the graveyard…eeer, neighborhood! The spirits at the Omni Parker House Hotel, Granary Park (the final resting place for John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere), and Old South Meeting House, the birthplace of the Boston Tea Party protest and the American Revolution, are waiting for you to become a part of Boston’s most interesting histories.

Savannah, Georgia, known for its “spirited” hotels and guest houses, is experiencing home prices that are projected to be up a spooktacular 5.5% during the next year. Colonial Park Cemetery, the Lucas Theatre, Fort McAllister, the Hidden Tunnels, and the Secret Burial Grounds are just a few of the haunted places that reach out from the beyond to welcome new citizens to its spectral space.

San Antonio ranks among the most haunted cities in the country. Visitors and citizens have noted phantasmal findings in places such as the Alamo, the San Fernando Cathedral, the Spanish Governor’s Palace, and even the railroad tracks. And real estate prices there are going to be up 4.4% by Q3 2020.

Finding a new home can be a bit overwhelming. But, don’t let it be. Consider a real estate investment in a few of these cities and let the spirits guide you!

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