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Valligent Launches ValDESKTOP to Streamline Appraisals

Valligent, a Veros Software company, that provides innovative real estate valuation solutions, has announced the launch of ValDESKTOPSM for streamlined desktop appraisals. It utilizes Fannie Mae’s® Form 1004 Desktop or Freddie Mac’s® Form 70D for appraisals. It offers lenders convenience and cost savings over the traditional appraisal due to the added efficiencies gained in the process.

ValDESKTOP leverages a state-certified appraiser who has local knowledge about neighborhoods and their surrounding areas to perform the desktop appraisal. The appraiser uses information including the floor public records, MLS data, market analytics, and other key information to provide a compliant, well-supported value of the subject property. It includes the same data points from a traditional appraisal but removes the time spent scheduling an inspection and driving to the property. For increased flexibility, the floorplan is provided by the lender or procured by Valligent.

An efficient process provides a lower-cost valuation, which reduces lender and borrower expenses. Once a ValDESKTOP order is placed, the report is delivered to the customer in far less time than a traditional appraisal, which supports timely loan decision-making and increases underwriting efficiency. Overall, ValDESKTOP provides a detailed and accurate appraisal report after easily placing an order directly through Acuity or through Valligent’s direct integrations.

“Providing a fast and cost-efficient alternative appraisal pushes the industry for more innovation and convenience,” said George Paquette SRA, Chief Operating Officer at Valligent. “Valligent’s robust offerings provide lenders, appraisers, and borrowers with a complete set of tools to make the home buyer process simple and efficient. At Valligent, we provide unmatched service with accurate results because every order matters.”

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