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Tropical Storm Imelda

Tropical Storm Imelda struck parts of Texas and Louisiana on September 17- 23 2019, with rain, flooding and wind damage recorded in more than 30 counties across the two states.

Veros Determines Tropical Storm Imelda Local Impact

Tropical Storm Imelda was the fifth-wettest tropical cyclone on record in the continental United States, causing devastating and record-breaking floods in Southeast Texas. The eleventh tropical cyclone and ninth named storm of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, Imelda formed out of an upper-level low that developed in the Gulf of Mexico and moved westward. Little development occurred until the system was near the Texas coastline, where it rapidly developed into a tropical storm before moving ashore shortly afterward on September 17. Imelda weakened after landfall, but continued bringing large amounts of flooding rain to Texas and Louisiana, before dissipating on September 21.


Veros analyzed the local impact Tropical Storm Imelda caused in the Southeast Texas region. Public records, proprietary data, satellite imagery and the VeroVALUE AVM resulted in Veros determining the following stats:

Potentially 822,275 properties in the region were at stake; with approximately 172,800 in the direct core of the storm with the potential for greater damage.

Total market value of potentially impacted properties tops $204 Billion.

Hardest hit counties in Texas were Harris, Galveston and Brazoria.

Vernon was the hardest hit county in Louisiana.

Over 25% of the residential properties in the hardest hit Texas counties were likely to have experienced some damage.

Tropical Storm Imelda Actual County Impact

Through data collected via satellite imagery and multiple data sources, Veros determined the actual counties impacted was far greater than FEMA’s designation, extending beyond Texas into four counties in Louisiana. Here is a visual comparison indicating the counties where damage occurred based on FEMA and the data collected by Veros.

Find Out How Tropical Storm Imelda Impacted Your Portfolio

Leveraging this disaster data set, either on the portfolio or by specific address levels, you’ll gain the insight to:

Proactively help the people most in need by identifying at risk loans and rapidly initiating contact to offer assistance

Identify damaged and high-risk properties

Accelerate clear-to-close time for unimpacted properties

Base risk-based decisions on the most current disaster status information.

Streamline the property assessment process

Eliminate unnecessary property inspections

To request a complete list of potential properties and localized damage as a result of Tropical Storm Imelda, call: 866.458.3767 or request by email

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