2020 Natural Disasters Overview

All across the world, 2020 was a life-changing year. Pandemic lockdowns, over a million lives lost, jobs eliminated, industries decimated, and homes became the new workplace. Through it all, nature ignored the human plight of the pandemic, and continued on its implicit promise of delivering natural disaster challenges in the form of floods, wildfires, tropical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Through it all, Veros stood firm with its commitment to provide the data and insight to better understand the impact on the people, residential properties, and lives impacted by the events.

This report highlights some of the natural disaster events Veros tracked throughout 2020.

When Disaster Strikes, Veros Is There for You.

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What Disaster Data Can Do for Your Business.

Proactively help the people most in need by identifying at risk loans and rapidly initiating contact to offer assistance

Identify damaged and high-risk properties

Accelerate clear-to-close time for unimpacted properties

Determine risk rating and focus risk management efforts on high-risk properties

Streamline the property assessment process

Eliminate unnecessary property inspections

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