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Combating Racial Bias In The Mortgage Industry Through Data, Technology and Diversity

A Webinar presented by Veros and Valligent

One of the mortgage industry’s biggest challenges is identifying and preventing potential racial bias in the home valuation process. In this webinar, the Veros and Valligent team will share the results from its five-city research study examining the housing markets in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles and the use of AVMs as a tool to identify potential racial bias in home valuations. Additionally, the team will explore other initiatives driving transparency, diversity and positive change in the home valuation process.

You will discover:

  • The data and insight behind the research study that shows the proven potential of AVMs as a non-bias tool in home valuations
  • How to leverage technology that assists in identifying potential bias terms in appraisals
  • Steps underway to increase diversity and education for new appraisers entering the industry

Watch the on-demand recording below.

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Moderated By:
Photo of Brian Fluhr
Brian Fluhr +
Vice President,
Presented By:
Photo Eric Fox
Eric Fox +
Chief Economist and Sr. Vice President of Data Modeling
Photo of Reena Agrawal
Reena Agrawal +
Research Economist
Photo of Jeffrey Hogan
Jeffrey Hogan +
Vice President,
Photo of Jeremy McCarthy
Jeremy McCarthy +
Chief Executive Officer / Founder
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