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The One Valuation SaaS for all your Property Valuation Needs

VeroSelect is the only property valuation solution you may ever need, providing instant access to a complete suite of valuation solutions and services.

Compliance Officers

Compliance officers play a more critical role in today’s mortgage economy than perhaps ever before.  Veros’ Compliance and Audit Department works diligently with those tasked with assessing and monitoring technology provider compliance and maintains an exceptional track record for audit and security performance.  Click here to learn more about Veros’ approach to compliance.

Systems Engineered with Compliance in Mind

At Veros, we believe in transparency and granular data. This philosophy fits well with today’s regulatory landscape and the need for compliance officers to have a clear understanding of the valuation tools and models decisions are being made on. Tools like VeroSCORE and CIA are designed to help clients identify and promptly resolve potential risk and/or compliance issues and are updated continually based on changes made to guidance from the various governing bodies including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD/FHA, VA, USPAP and others. 

Further, each of our technology platforms incorporate detailed audit trails and reporting modules, so you can rest assured the systems are performing as directed whether you are utilizing VeroSELECT’s AVM cascade or Sapphire’s comprehensive appraisal, AVM and BPO management tools. 

No Time to Build a Compliance Cascade?

AVM compliance is ultimately the lender’s (or servicer’s) responsibly, but all too often a lender (or servicer) does not have the resources of time, budget, or in-house expertise to either perform a full internal AVM assessment or enter into a contracted relationship for external-compliance verification. The ComplianceTRACK solution makes it far easier to meet that responsibility head-on without overly taxing already limited resources. ComplianceTRACK is distributed exclusively by Veros through either web-based interface, XML integration or batch order.

Annual Due Diligence Requests

Veros routinely and readily participates in client requests for due diligence documentation.  To submit a request for due diligence documentation on a product or service, clients should email

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