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Dynamic Market Analytics & Forecasting

Whether interested in historical, current or future real estate analysis and trends, the need is the same. Reliable real estate decisions result from sound, accurate data and real estate market analysis. Veros delivers the results you seek. With a sharp focus on total transparency, sophisticated technology-assisted analytics and uncompromising data integrity, our real estate analytics and forecasting solutions are ready to help you mitigate risk and improve your bottom line.

Gain Real Estate Intelligence Based On Accurate Data, Insight & Analytics

VeroHPI provides you with direct access to robust trending home price logic. The index offers national coverage and is available at the CBSA (county-based statistical area) or FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) levels.

A key resource for forecasting and strategic planning, you’ll gain pinpoint accuracy to spot specific percentage value changes down to the zip code level and segmented by price tier and property type.

Ready to Change the Valuation Game?


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House for Sale

Buy now or later? A prospective homebuyers’ dilemma

The real estate market is rebalancing as supply and demand are adjusting to the higher mortgage rate environment. An increasing number of prospective homebuyers have found that their dream homes have been pulled out of reach as mortgage rates climb…

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Photo of Minority Family

Veros Economists find no evidence of racial bias in its AVM

One of the mortgage industry’s biggest challenges is identifying and preventing potential racial bias in the home valuation process. This report analyzes home valuation data in minority communities in the following cities:  Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia

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