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RiskWire is the housing market webcast powered by Veros Real Estate Solutions, co-hosted by Eric Fox, Chief Economist and SVP of Analytics, and Reena Agrawal, Research Economist. The webcast brings data-driven insights into the current happenings in the U.S. housing market.

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About This Episode

Episode 12 – RiskWire Webcast series:  “The Housing Supply Shortage was Inevitable”

Discover how historical trends, coupled with the retirement of Baby Boomers, were already setting the stage for a diminished housing supply even before the pandemic.

Meet The Hosts

Eric Fox

Chief Economist and SVP of Analytics

Eric provides expert leadership in predictive technologies, economic modeling methodologies, and collateral valuation forecasting. He brings more than 30 years of experience to his role, including statistical and econometric modeling, probabilistic life methodology development, statistical training, probabilistic design software development, and probabilistic financial analysis. Eric has published more than twenty technical papers on probabilistic and statistical methods.

Reena Agrawal, PhD

Research Economist

Reena received her PhD in Economics from Vanderbilt University and MA in Economics from the Ohio State University. She has several years of industrial experience in economic research and analysis. Reena recently published two important research reports on “Does Historical Redlining Influence Today’s AVM Estimates?” and “Is There Evidence of Racial Bias?”, and several informative articles.

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