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Brenda Burns

Property Risk Assessment & Risk Management | Real Estate Finance & Lending | Data Analytics | UCDP & EAD Risk Management | Property & Financial Services | Title & Settlement Services

Office:   714-415-6304
Mobile:  714-472-5757
Linkedin: brenda-burns-b650934

Through the power of predictive technology, real estate data & analytics, and industry expertise, Veros delivers advanced automated solutions to control risk and increase profits throughout the mortgage industry – from loan origination to servicing and securitization. Why Veros?

About Brenda

For me, sales and service go hand-in-hand. I strongly believe in advocacy on behalf of my clients and that the “extra mile” really shouldn’t be extra. My goal is to always over-deliver.

With 20+ years of experience working directly with clients in the real estate finance industry, I understand what my clients need, and even more importantly, I understand this industry inside and out. My clients have benefited from my strong understanding of title and settlement services and I hold a certificate from the Land Title Institute (verifying my fundamental understanding of the precepts and practices of the land title industry).

At Veros Real Estate Solutions, our strength lies in enterprise risk management and collateral valuation services. My strength lies in my integrity which is essential in building long standing business relationships.

Expertise Includes:

Title & Settlement Services
Real Estate Finance
Property & Financial Services
Data Analytics
Risk Assessments & Risk Management
Business Intelligence & Enterprise Solutions
Contract Negotiations
Sales Consultant

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