Accuracy and Flexibility Beyond AVM Cascade Management Technology

In today’s volatile market, mortgage professionals need instant access to valuation tools that provide real insight into the local market. With VeroSELECT, you’ll gain the flexibility to take your property valuation strategy to the next level with instant access to the most accurate AVM models, trusted broker price opinions (BPOs), and detailed Property Condition Reports (PCRs) within a single platform – everything you need to make the best lending and risk-controlled decisions in one complete solution.

Veros is committed to giving you the system and tools you need to manage a compliant, efficient and transparent valuation process – all while saving you money.

A Unified Approach 

VeroSELECT is a web-based order management platform designed for use by mortgage industry participants who are ordering, managing or supplying a variety of collateral valuation products. VeroSELECT allows users to manage AVM, PCR and BPO ordering strategies in a centralized system, offering the flexibility, scalability, control and compliance for today’s mortgage industry requires.  

Complete Solution, Superior Service

Centralized access to AVMs, BPO, and Property Condition Reports
Ordering AVMs, BPOs or PCRs is quick and intuitive within VeroSELECT’s intuitive interface.  Users can also seamlessly order across the Veros Risk Valuation Product Suite, including industry-leading VeroFORECAST, VeroREO, VeroINDEX, VeroCIA, and more.
National Coverage
Order AVMs, PCRs or BPOs anywhere in the contiguous United States

Compliance Driven
From AVM Cascade Management to BPO reports, we’re committed to supporting today’s compliance driven market with tools to run your valuation process with confidence.  In addition, users can assess their BPO risk with the Risk Profiler add-on for BPO Scoring and Risk Report.

Reliable Platform
VeroSELECT is known within the industry for its vastly superior system uptimes, speed and overall reliability. Veros conducts extensive performance, scalability and reliability testing.

Disaster Recovery, Data Protection & Recovery Management
Monitored 24-7-365, Veros’ colocation facilities are located in multiple U.S. regions. All environments have fail-over capability and data redundancy. Compliant with SSAE 16, NIST-800-53 and FISMA audits, Veros uses a comprehensive framework to protect information, operations and assets against natural or man-made threats. 

Veros provides reliable valuation solutions that are faster, easier and less expensive to initiate than you might think. 

Turnkey Solution
Implementation, maintenance and training requirements are simple. Intuitive and easy to learn, VeroSELECT adds immediate value.

Superior & Personalized Customer Support
Dedicated, in-house customer support, known for personalized attention and prompt issue resolution. 

Who Needs a Smart AVM Cascade Solution

Customizable per individual client, VeroSELECT gives users absolute control of their AVM workflow. Used by lenders of all sizes to implement straight-forward or highly sophisticated cascades, as well as by technology providers who resell AVM services to multiple end users with varied business needs. Our tools are designed to provide maximum access and adaptability across the AVM needs of banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, technology vendors, investment bankers and anyone who requires fast, reliable and cost-effective residential property valuations.

Fully Customizable AVM & Cascade System 

VeroSELECT offers the flexibility, scalability and control in today’s mortgage industry. Whether you need a single or multiple AVMs, we have the right solution for you. This web-based platform allows multiple users from an organization to manage the valuation process from end-to-end with a focus on rules-based ordering, secure data transmission and accessible reporting.

VeroSELECT is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy, combined with unmatched speed and flexibility.

Auditable and Flexible AVM Cascade Set-up and Rules Management

VeroSELECT’s advantage is in its ability to provide full transparency into your cascade with highly detailed reporting and usage reports accessible on-demand. The platform offers pre-set or customizable rules, dynamic cascades that put you in control of a myriad of variables including geography, price range, confidence score cut-offs and forecasted standard deviation. These intelligent and adaptable tools help you manage your business decisions based on cost, compliance and loan performance metrics.

Controlled Flexibility to Manage AVMs in Your Cascades

    • Choose single or cascading AVM approaches to meet your specific needs.
    • Customize the system’s logic to streamline your workflow based on business rules
    • Experience extraordinary control with our exclusive cascade options such as Value Range, FSD, Thresholds, County, City, State, Geographical down to ZIP and so much more!
    • Choose from top-performing industry AVMs including VeroVALUE, Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer (HVE) and any other commercially viable AVM

Real-time Portfolio Management
View AVM portfolio hits and reporting in real-time.

Full Compliance & Audit Controls
Transaction data is verifiable in the system’s audit trail providing both internal peace of mind and external validation for regulatory compliance.

Detailed Reporting
Provides detailed reporting to deliver maximum insight into property valuations.

Real-time Access to Industry’s Top Performing AVMs
Quickly access the nation’s leading AVMs through a single source. VeroSELECT provides access to the industry's top performing AVMs - including the company's flagship offering, VeroVALUE. Fueled by real-time data integration and advanced validation, VeroSELECT’s complete suite of AVMs offers the greatest geographic coverage, hit rate and accuracy in the industry. Access these fast, unbiased and cost-effective AVMs in configurable cascade logic—designed to produce accurate value estimates, almost instantaneously.

Next Generation of AVM with VeroVALUE >> 

VeroPHOTO Plus

VeroPHOTO Plus: Property Condition Reports (PCRs) supplements your VeroSELECT order with current digital photos of the subject property and external property condition reports for complete, fast and accurate valuation estimates and verifications to support your compliance standards. VeroPHOTO Plus: Property Condition Report is available nationwide on individual properties or portfolios, and is offered on a fully automated basis through Veros’ web-based valuation ordering platform, VeroSELECT.

Strategic Advantage Beyond Images with VeroPHOTO Plus

    • Option to order Interior or Exterior PCR
    • Efficient and cost-effective automated valuation 
    • Digital photos of the subject property taken in near time of the VeroVALUE AVM order
    • Overall marketability
    • Map Location - Street Scene Photos and Maps
    • Coverage in all 50 States
    • Delivered within 5 business days of placing the order, with Rush Options available
    • Complies with all current Interagency Guidelines for Appraisals and Evaluations

The VeroPHOTO Plus Report Features 

    • Street-scene photos of the subject property
    • External PCR completed at the time of the VeroVALUE AVM order
    • Thorough assessment base on a series of questions designed to ensure property is in typical condition for the neighborhood 
    • Access to detailed, high quality property condition report from our nationwide network of professional real estate experts
    • VeroPHOTO Plus is quick and easy to add PCR report to your AVM orders

More on VeroPHOTO Plus: Property Condition Report Benefits & Process 

Highest Quality Broker Price Opinions with VeroBPO

VeroBPO delivers data-rich, fast and cost-effective alternative to a full appraisal when values need to be substantiated. Veros offers Full Interior and Exterior BPOs by licensed real estate professionals with extensive knowledge of the local markets.

Enriched with valuable local market information, recent images of the subject property and supplemental data to reduce risk, VeroBPO is critical to the decision-making process.

The VeroBPO Advantage

Market Insight & Expertise
Expert Commentary: Thorough analysis completed only by highly rated, licensed agents and brokers with in-depth knowledge of local market trends

Fast Turnaround & Flexible Delivery
Delivered within 5 business days of placing the order, with Rush Options available

Risk Analysis with Risk Profiler
Verify valuation reliability and the associated risk of a BPO with the Risk Profiler BPO Scoring and Risk Report.

More on VeroBPO Broker Price Opionions Benefits & Uses 

Designed to Simplify the Valuation Process

To help you manage time-consuming ordering and management tasks across every valuation tool, VeroSELECT gives you instant access to VeroVALUE AVM, including other top performing AVMs, property condition reports (PCRs), or broker price opinions (BPOs) with just a few clicks. Through a simple, user-friendly interface, VeroSELECT offers a complete range of valuation solutions with flexible options, innovative technology and a focus on supporting your compliance requirements. VeroSELECT is a powerful, enterprise platform that delivers critical valuation intelligence to enable decision makers to make informed risk decisions quickly and with confidence.

Driven to deliver the highest quality valuation tools in the industry, Veros continues to outperform industry standards in quality, accuracy and timeliness.

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