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Get Property-specific "Disaster Data"

VeroVALUE™ AVMs and Portfolio Review Services now offers property-specific 'Disaster Data'

A new data source from Veros Real Estate Solutions uses satellite imaging and data analytics to provide mortgage transaction participants with parcel-level risk information as natural disasters unfold.

When FEMA declares disasters, it's at the county level. That means all properties within the county are flagged despite only a portion of the county being impacted by the disaster.

An erroneous flag halts loan funding.

Veros can now eliminate this challenge by giving you property-specific data that shows whether or not your property is in the actual disaster area.

For loan originators …

By adding disaster data to your VeroVALUE™ AVM report, you can verify that a subject property is outside the actual disaster area, so that funding can occur.

Or … learn that a property is within the actual disaster area and may be affected. To determine what if any damage has occurred to the property, you can conduct a site assessment with the addition of a VeroPHOTO+™ property condition report (PCR).

In the servicing and default area

Identify potential default scenarios before they happen and minimize loss severity with our portfolio match and append service. Whether you're servicing loans in your own portfolio or managing servicing for  GSE- or FHA-funded loans, you will be able to proactively identify and assess disaster-related risk as it happens.

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