Freddie Mac Home Value Suite

Veros is a master distributor of the Freddie Mac Home Value Suite.

Home Value Explorer® (HVE®)

A Freddie Mac automated valuation model (AVM) that generates an estimate of property value in seconds. HVE simplifies the mortgage process by streamlining the collateral valuation cycle. For more than 20 years, Freddie Mac has effectively employed AVMs internally for its own risk and portfolio management. Lenders and real estate professionals who need fast, accurate value estimates can benefit from the proprietary data, modeling expertise, industry knowledge and long-standing reputation that Freddie Mac and HVE bring to the market. Click here to download the HVE brochure.

Home Value Calibrator® (Calibrator)

A quality control tool that measures the risk that an appraisal, or other estimate of a property value, exceeds the actual market value by at least 10 percent. It assists in identifying loans for further evaluation and prioritizing workflow. Calibrator combines the precision of an automated valuation model with a statistically based scoring model to deliver a score that can help identify loans with potentially inflated collateral valuations. Click here to download the Calibrator brochure.

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