Changing How You Think About Property Valuation

VeroPRECISION  – The next-gen "cure to the common cascade". Veros introduces the first property level AVM decision logic technology designed to deliver true valuation accuracy.   

VeroSCORE – Automated appraisal scoring tool bringing marked efficiency to the measurement of valuation reports and objective support in validating your collateral management decisions.

VeroVALUE AVM – Veros' automated valuation models (AVMs) offer national coverage and consistency accuracy with meaningful confidence scores.

Veros Real Estate Solutions' new Disaster Data offering reports disaster impact – including damage from hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanos, tornadoes, floods, storm surges and tsunamis -- at the parcel level, quickly leveraging geospacial data to map a disaster polygon and surrounding buffer zone. It then locates the impacted properties within the polygon by lot boundary, zip code, and by physical address.

VeroVALUE Preferred – This highly tuned AVM offers a weighted balance between valuation accuracy and hit rate with a focus on accuracy.

VeroVALUE REO – This accurate and cost-effective AVM alternative applies the most objective analytics specific to distressed property valuations.

VeroVALUE Portfolio  – Real-time portfolio runs give you fast and easy access to Veros AVM data across your entire portfolio.

Collateral Integrity Analysis  – CIA delivers 360-degree view of the property intelligence for a more clear and accurate detail on risk exposure at the property level than possible with an AVM report alone. 

VeroFORECAST – The industry's most advanced and granular residential real estate market forecast with a decade of proven accuracy.

VeroHPI – Veros' proprietary home price index based on repeat sales methodology, now available for commercial use.

VeroINDEX Plus (VIP) – An index-only based automated valuation solution providing time-based valuations, ideal for use on difficult to value properties.

VeroBPO – Veros' broker price opinion (BPOs) can offer a demonstrably faster and less expensive option for ascertaining residential property values, as compared to a full appraisal when full appraisals are not required. And, clients can also assess their your BPO risk with Risk Profiler, for added peace of mind.

VeroPHOTO Plus – Combines the accuracy of a Veros AVM with a current digital photo and external property condition report for fast, accurate and compliant valuation estimates and verifications.

Home Value Explorer® (HVE®) is a Freddie Mac automated valuation model (AVM) that generates an estimate of property value based on the GSE's proprietary data, modeling expertise, industry knowledge and long-standing reputation.

Home Value Calibrator® (Calibrator) is a Freddie Mac quality control tool that measures the risk that a valuation estimate has exceeded the actual market value to assist in identifying loans for further evaluation and prioritizing workflow.

Other Analytic Products – Veros is an authorized reseller of the nation's most prominent AVMs and enables easy ordering of BPOs, risk reports and fraud products from many of the industry's top providers.

State-of-the-Art Product Access

Boost your productivity with Veros' dynamic, flexible and robust system integration and multiple delivery options. We have created a number of standard and fully customizable XML interfaces compatible with a variety of schemas (e.g. MISMO) and accessible from numerous delivery platforms.

Stakes are High

In this environment, the execution of a high-performing technical analysis of real estate fundamentals is critical and requires insight, creative thinking and a disciplined yet flexible command of data and process. The stakes are high - underestimate risks and investment capital is jeopardized; overestimate, and compelling opportunities may be lost.

Controlling Risk

Veros' proprietary systems help companies achieve more accurate and reliable collateral assessments to better control risk throughout the entire mortgage chain from origination through securitization. The result is a suite of tools that will change the way you view your real estate or lending portfolio and the way you think about risk management.

Real Estate and Collateral Backed Securities

Many factors influence the value of real property. Some are easily quantifiable; others defy consistent classification and estimation. Add in the human elements present in each real estate transaction and a lender's position quickly becomes complex and more risky.