Core Modules


Sapphire’s reporting module allows managers to keep pace with the demands of multiple groups ranging from regulators and employees to upper management and customers and to fully track transactions in today’s constantly evolving environment.

Sapphire was designed to provide users with total transparency throughout the valuation process through adherence to compliance regulations, as well as the ability to track all valuation lifecycle steps. Each step taken through the valuation lifecycle is auditable and trackable in Sapphire’s comprehensive suite of available reports.

Standard Reporting

Users have access to a comprehensive set of standard valuation management reports for operational and compliance needs. This library of reports is available for quick and easy use to allow Sapphire’s clients to monitor and report on the entire valuation lifecycle.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Sapphire incorporates access to ad hoc reporting capabilities which allow on-demand creation of reports based on key system criteria. Ad hoc reports can be saved, scheduled and set to auto-send at designated intervals so key findings will be ready and waiting whether needed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.