Appraisal Automation with PATHWAY & Sapphire Systems 

Workflow automation is playing a huge role in the mortgage industry and transforming the way it does business.  Today, lenders are successfully applying technology to what used to be a fairly manual and often disjointed processes to assign, review, manage and deliver appraisals.  The industry is swiftly embracing the idea that automation and systemized processes have the potential to be more reliable, objective, accurate and quicker to respond, which lends to drastic improvements in costs and loan production times.  

Manual uploads can stifle growth. Speed up your appraisal delivery process with two award-winning automation technology offerings designed to efficiently run your business and maximize profits.

Accelerate Appraisal Delivery with PATHWAY

Pathway Appraisal Delivery System to UCDP and EAD Portals

PATHWAY was developed to simplify the appraisal delivery process and support appraisal submission to the UCDP® and EAD portal, which Veros built and maintains for the GSEs. PATHWAY has proven to be a reliable automated, system-to-system solution that lenders, AMCs, and technology providers across the country can depend upon when submitting required appraisal data to the secondary market. 

Reliable, single-connection point for fast delivery of all appraisals headed to the GSEs’ UCDP® or FHA’s EAD portals

  • Integrations sized to fit businesses with high and low volume delivery needs
  • Minimal technology integration requirements
  • Streamlines the receipt of portal submission results
  • UAD Compliance Quality Check
  • Automated QC and compliance checks with the PATHWAY “Preview” feature
  • “Simply Smarter Appraisal Sharing” feature for correspondent lenders and aggregators  

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Automate the Appraisal Order, Receipt and Review Process with Sapphire

Sapphire Appraisal Workflow Automation System

Streamline the management of the appraisal order, receipt and review process from start to finish with Sapphire, an intuitive and flexible workflow-driven automated appraisal management platform. Geared to automatically connect lenders and appraisers, the Sapphire system’s automation is designed to impart speed, accuracy, and consistency to the process behind appraisal panel management, order, and quality control.

Complete valuation management in a single, secure and easy-to-use system.

  • A single, comprehensive solution for managing all activities related to the appraisal order, review, and secondary market submission 
  • Connect to your AMCs, connect to your own panel – or both
  • View appraisal against other QC tools for validation
  • An end-to-end valuation management system with flexible and customizable business rules to keep you and your team on top of the appraisal process
  • Use Sapphire’s rules engine to send orders to the best providers and manage order return, quality review, and submissions of the final report
  • A cost-effective system to manage vendors and appraisal orders
  • Seamlessly receive the Submission Summary Reports (SSR) with the Document File Identifier (Doc File ID) back via the platform
  • Modules include: Appraisal Panel Management, Order, Review, Reporting, Administration and more

By automating the appraisal workflow, Sapphire lets you retain control over your appraiser panel and cut costs and reduce turn-times while gaining efficiencies.

Whether you’re looking to increase staff efficiency, reduce cost, or gain greater control over the appraisal process, Sapphire is built on advanced technology standards to help you thrive in an increasingly regulated environment and drive performance, quality, and risk strategies.

Stay ahead, work smarter with Sapphire.

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