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Gain Efficiency with Virtual Property Valuation Options

The digitization of real estate valuations with virtual property inspections improves speed without compromising accuracy and lowers underwriting revision rates. This heightened efficiency in valuations expedites the loan decision process, facilitating quicker deal closures.

ValINSPECT Virtual

A residential occupant-enabled property inspection providing a cost-effective, thorough, and accurate collection of interior and/or exterior property data through a mobile device.

ValPRAZE Appraisal

Reliable alternative to traditional appraisals completed with a virtual inspection and an appraiser’s analysis determining the opinion of value.

1004D Virtual Completion Certificate

Verification of home construction or repairs within hours. A video connection between the property contact and the appraiser completes a virtual inspection, and the appraiser finalizes the report.

Virtual eVAL (Evaluation)

An IAEG complaint property evaluation based on a virtual inspection, extensive market and value analysis, resulting in a well-supported, accurate value of the subject property.

Virtual ValBPO (Broker Price Opinion)

A residential property selling estimate provided by a broker utilizing a virtual inspection. It is faster and less expensive than a traditional appraisal.

Easily Mitigate Risk of Financial Loss with ValPROTECT

Adding ValPROTECTSM to specific Valligent property valuation solutions provide guardrails to the potential monetary loss on a defaulted loan.

Leverage Reliable Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

Choose from a data driven suite of automated valuation models that are well-known for precision, accuracy, and fairness.


Proprietary, on-demand AVM offering national coverage with consistent accuracy and meaningful confidence scores.

AVM Cascades

Customized AVM workflows, allowing for simple or highly sophisticated cascades.

VeroVALUESM Portfolio

Industry-leading tool for fast, accurate property valuation across a portfolio of properties.


Essential for distressed properties, optimizing disposition timelines, and maximizing recoveries.

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Effortlessly access Valligent’s comprehensive suite of Real Estate Valuation solutions via the Encompass platform. Explore our Encompass profile or connect with a Valligent representative for further information.

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