Risk Assessment & Management

Maximize the Impact on Your Bottom Line

Veros Real Estate Solutions continues to blaze the trail in risk assessment and risk management by providing its clients with the data and systems needed to provide clarity for smart decision making. Assessing and managing risk "by gut" is clearly not going to cut it in today's evolving mortgage environment. Lenders need quality data in order to make decisions that turn into profitable business outcomes.

Many factors influence the value and inherent risks of residential real estate. Some are easily quantifiable, while others defy consistent classification and estimation. Add in the human elements present in each real estate transaction and a lender's position quickly becomes complex and more risky.

Stakes are High

In this environment, the execution of a high-performing technical analysis of real estate fundamentals is critical and requires insight, creative thinking and a disciplined, yet flexible command of data and process. The stakes are high - underestimate risks and investment capital is jeopardized; overestimate, and compelling opportunities may be lost.

Controlling Risk

Veros' products and solutions help companies achieve more accurate and reliable collateral assessments to better control risk throughout the entire mortgage chain from origination through securitization of mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities pools. The result is a suite of tools that will change the way you view your real estate or lending portfolio, the way you think about risk management and the way you manage your workflow to keep up with the rapid pace of the mortgage industry.