Property Valuation

Faster, More Accurate & More Informed Decisions

In today's changing landscape there is no substitute for having a truly transparent, 360-degree view of your collateral throughout the lifecycle of the loan.

Veros offers a comprehensive suite of residential property valuation tools that are customizable to fit your organization's informational needs, delivery preferences and company policies, all the while meeting compliance regulations.

Powerful collateral valuations allow faster, more accurate and more informed business decisions. The insights gained from our strong portfolio of collateral valuation products provide a direct, immediate and powerful impact to the client's bottom line. Through increased automation, advanced technology and a high-level of data collection, Veros gives clients the ability to achieve significant competitive advantages and higher levels of business success.

Our Expertise

Since the company's inception, Veros has maintained a laser-sharp focus on collateral valuation and works diligently to ensure its products supply meaningful information that answers the most important questions surrounding collateral valuation. Veros' products and services are utilized on a national basis by all segments of the mortgage industry including top mortgage lenders, community banks and credit unions, servicers, agency and non-agency investors and rating agencies.

Collateral Valuation Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Geographic Coverage
  • Pristine Data with a High Level of Granularity
  • Industry Leading Hit Rates
  • Unrivaled Accuracy
  • Fully Automated Valuation Solutions with Robust Reporting Functions


The strength of Veros' collateral valuations comes from a proprietary approach to predictive technology. This approach recognizes no single method will ever be able to produce accurate and reliable results in every situation. A blended approach ensures the most accurate results, with the highest levels of confidence, are always provided. Veros is second to none in its ability to combine the power of predictive technology, data analytics and industry expertise to deliver advanced automated decision management solutions.