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HousingWire: More accurate AVMs will help lower HELOC origination costs

Veros Real Estate Solutions is announcing today that it entered into a new partnership with Valligent. Veros is a leading developer of enterprise risk management services and provides collateral valuations as well as forward-looking data. As a supporter of LendingLife, Veros agreed to give us a fir…

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Here's how predicting housing cycles improves mortgage lending

If your favorite weather forecaster warns that a storm is coming, you can be fairly sure you're going to get wet. Only a few decades ago, such confidence was impossible. But, thanks to technology, the Internet, and a deeper understanding of our climate, we take it for granted today. Although Proper…

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VALUATION MVP: Veros Applies AI to Simplify and Improve Valuation Decisions

The below is an excerpt from HousingWire Magazine: "The Future of Valuations" Featuring Valuation MVPs: "Companies delivering a fast, accurate valuation process."March 2018 Issue  |  |  PDF of the original article as it appeared in HousingWire Since 2001, Veros Real Estate Solu…