Market Analytics & Forecasting

Uncompromising Data Quality

Tools for accurate residential real estate market analysis are in demand by those who want to make reliable decisions in everything from setting more dependable loan-to-value (LTV) thresholds to improving loan modification strategies.

Real estate and mortgage industry leaders are turning to Veros Real Estate Solutions because Veros delivers results. With a sharp focus on total transparency, sophisticated technology-assisted analytics and uncompromising data integrity, our products help business owners mitigate risk and improve bottom lines.

Leading the Industry

Veros incorporates industry-leading property valuation risk analytics, such as automated valuation models (AVMs), residential market forecasting, home price indices, market risk scoring and mark-to-market methodologies. These solutions provide clients with the capacity for more proactive portfolio management, increased conversion rates and deeper insights into potentially risky scenarios earlier in the transaction.

Customized Solutions

For the past decade, customers have turned to Veros for innovative solutions to the most challenging market issues. Using a specialized blend of tools and proprietary analytics, Veros can provide a suite of offerings and rule sets that are fine-tuned to meet your specific analytics needs.