Technology Providers

Technology Providers

Lenders aren’t the only ones in search of strong technology solutions and trusted analytics.  Technology providers create the vast infrastructure that keeps today’s electronically driven mortgage industry moving, but no single company offers a 360-degree solution for the entire loan lifecycle.  Veros’ technology integrations team is second-to-none and has successfully established integrations with technology providers from all ends of the industry.  From direct integrations to UCDP as the official technology provider, to various AMCs for direct electronic appraisal delivery, or to the top-performing AVMs for streamlined and auditable cascade management - Veros continues to connect the industry.

Need to Connect to UCDP?

If your organization is not on the GSEs’ approved vendor list for direct integration (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae), who better to connect your company than the official technology provider for UCDP?  Veros was charged with the task of establishing and maintaining all direct integrations to UCDP and has also utilized its own proprietary technology solutions to assist other lenders and technology providers in establishing a connection to the portal with the added capacity of previewing known UAD warnings and errors.  Check out Pathway to learn more about how to establish a system-to-system connection to UCDP through Veros technology, or Sapphire to learn how Veros’ user-friendly, web-based valuation management platform can address your organization’s needs from appraisal order, through QC and to UCDP delivery.

Supplemental Analytics – Powered by Veros

Did you know Veros analytics are fueling decisions behind the scenes throughout the industry?  Known for premier data quality and system security, Veros’ analytics can be seamlessly integrated with technology providers to be passed on to your clients in order to mitigate risk and assist clients in making profitable business decisions. With the time and effort Veros puts into building top-of-the-line analytics and systems, you can be confident the results will guide you and your clients in making smarter decisions, which will ultimately benefit both bottom lines. Contact a Veros sales representative to learn more.