Loan Originator Tools - Have Transparent Data at your Fingertips

Speed to Close

Successful lenders need to be ready to respond to customers, regulators and investors with the capacity to evaluate not only the buyer’s qualifications in the transaction, but also the expected performance of the subject property.  Veros offers automated collateral valuation tools that make it easy for lenders to make good decisions at the point-of-sale to lock in smart deals and close safer loans.

Originate Quality

Automated analytic tools and solutions from Veros give mortgage professionals a 360-degree perspective on a subject property including the home’s past, present and future value as well as the expected risk of the subject property, neighborhood and market.

When the loan’s collateral simply doesn't equate to a smart lending decision, our tools will let you know at the point of sale when there is still time to salvage the transaction without the risk of originating a bad loan. Lenders now know more than ever the importance of originating high-quality loans for smoother transitions into the secondary market. Knowing exactly what will be found when your mortgage investor looks below the surface is critical risk mitigation in today's market.

Effective Risk Mitigation

No single tool can be effective at helping lenders mitigate all of the various risks they face. A suite of solutions, including collateral valuation, forecasting and risk analysis, all working together seamlessly is required for a successful outcome. Originators can create their own solution set using a combination of Veros tools and systems, and be assured in the knowledge that they are building on the most detailed and accurate industry models with the best support team in the industry.

Find out more about how Veros can help you quickly structure a specific solution that will meet your needs now and in the future.