Finding Opportunity & Minimizing Risk

Investor Solutions

Veros' tools enable investment managers to better implement and execute their portfolio strategies. Our quantitative management solutions take the form of automated portfolio strategies in a broad range of capitalizations and styles, customized sector approaches and alternative investment applications.

Veros develops systems that achieve specific risk-reward goals by seeking the highest statistical probability of possible outcomes and building optimized portfolios to exploit those market movements. Whether a client desires high absolute returns or wants to maximize returns within a specific level of risk, Veros directs today's most advanced decision sciences towards achievement of those goals

In 2010, Veros was chosen by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to build, support and maintain their joint platform, the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP), which provides electronic appraisal data delivery to these government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs). Previous to that, Veros was selected in 2009 to be the technology provider for Fannie Mae’s Collateral Data Delivery (CDD) system, which also required originating lenders to provide appraisal data prior to loan delivery on loans purchased by the GSE.

Mortgage Intelligence Comes of Age

Firms working in the U.S. mortgage secondary market are driven to seek out a myriad of mortgage loan pools in order to satisfy investor demand for yield.  Whether the investment is whole-loans, REOs  or mortgage-backed securities, the risks of early payment default, mortgage fraud, predatory lending and further price deterioration are realities of the marketplace.

Benefits of Predictive Technology Solutions

The predictive technologies, analytics, and data provided by Veros, when combined with your expertise in pricing and execution strategies, will create a true competitive advantage without a capital investment in technology development, systems and software expenditures.

Don't Settle for a Partial Solution

When it comes to automated valuation models, fraud detection tools, portfolio analysis applications, and models that forecast home price values, don't settle for a partial solution. Veros provides a cohesive suite of analytic tools and systems that have been specifically designed to work together and to interface seamlessly with an investor's technology platform.

Making predictions based on a few data elements is no longer an acceptable approach to risk mitigation. At Veros, we've constructed the most extensive models in the industry, taking into account every conceivable indicator and then returning reports so granular that our clients can see into the future by property type, price tier and neighborhood.