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Freddie Mac: Proposal intended to help appraisers

The below is an excerpt from Valuation Review - Appraisal Technology News January 2, 2017 Edition  |  Mike Holzheimer, Editor |  View the full article…
Freddie Mac announced Oct. 24 that it will add new capabilities to its Loan Advisor Suite which will offer lenders the ability to use an automated appraisal alternative to replace traditional appraisals on some loan applications.

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2017 Forecast Signals at Strength & Stability Despite Expected Upticks in Interest Rates and Inflation

VeroFORECASTSM shows continued modest gains and geo-polarization as WA, OR, & CO Dominate Again Although we expect to see interest rates increasing and inflation ramping up, the…
The Best & Worst Real Estate Markets: VeroFORECAST reports the 2017 US housing market signals strength despite expected interest rate and inflation upticks. The forecast shows continued modest gains with annual forecast appreciation of +3.7% for the next …