Customer Support

World-class Customer Support

Great technology and analytics is just the start for Veros' clients. Providing the best in customer support is at the heart of our business practices.  Without tooting our own horn too loud, we wanted to let you know about the world-class service our customers have experienced with us.

"…from start to finish, you, your colleagues and the entire process has been phenomenally refreshing for me. I've been working in marketing or technology for credit unions for the past 25 years and can't recall working with a more professional and 'with it' organization."

Stanford Federal Credit Union

"…from the first time I spoke with [Veros], I knew [Veros] was genuinely concerned about resolving the problems we were having…in a customer-service based business, you rarely encounter anyone with [this] attitude…"

Sun Mark Community Bank

"I received [Veros customer service rep's] name from another credit union manager who also praised her… She was always very polite, patient, and knew what she was doing. If one of my staff handled problems the way she did I would want to know, so I had to tell you. I hope she gets rewarded for her work. Thank you."

Municipal Credit Union

"…I just wanted to send an email and thank you for your hard work. We finally were able to do our link to the UCDP!! Thanks again and have a great 2012!!"

North Shore Community Bank