Encompass Integration and Sapphire Appraisal Management Platform

Encompass Integration

SapphireSM is seamlessly integrated into Encompass® All-in-One Mortgage Management Solution. The integration enables Encompass users to securely order appraisals from their own panel of appraisers or AMCs, and manage those providers in Sapphire to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process. 

Benefits of Ordering Appraisals Through Encompass:

Increase Compliance, Loan Quality, and Efficiency
By utilizing Encompass/Sapphire integration to order appraisals, Encompass users improve efficiencies, save time, minimize errors, and have access to real-time status updates.

Improve Control
Users will appreciate the direct influence on transparency, fees, timelines, and overall quality control due to Sapphire’s ability to manage orders automatically, incorporating both system- and customer-specific validation rules.

Stay Connected with Encompass  
Encompass users can not only order appraisals using the “Order Appraisal” option in the Encompass services menu, but they can also track and manage orders from start to finish. All appraisal documents, messages, and statuses are automatically synchronized with Encompass to ensure a seamless, efficient order management process.

Secure Loan Storage 
Completed appraisal documents can be directly uploaded to the client’s e-folders in Encompass.

Direct Connection
Lenders can engage their vendors more directly, utilizing routing and review rules specific to their organization within Veros’ Sapphire system.

Automated Tracking 
Simplifies the complicated appraisal ordering process by automating much of the ordering process and tracking of appraisal orders.

Accuracy with Automatic Data Transfer  
The integration avoids manual entry of loan data to assist in eliminating typographical errors that might occur during ordering.

Enhanced Communication Pipeline 
Messaging feature within the interface keeps all communication, including revision requests, on track and on record.

Direct EAD and UCDP® Submissions 
Sapphire allows you to directly submit appraisal reports directly to the FHA’s electronic appraisal delivery (EAD) and/or to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s Uniform Collateral Delivery Portal® (UCDP®).

Due Diligence & Audit Trails
Each step taken through the valuation lifecycle is auditable and trackable in Sapphire’s comprehensive suite of available reports as well as through Encompass reports.

Automated Compliance Controls 
Sapphire was designed to provide users with total transparency throughout the valuation process to assist client’s adherence to compliance regulations, as well as the ability to track all valuation lifecycle steps. 

For more information about the Encompass integration and Veros’ Sapphire Appraisal Management Platform, contact our sales team at 866.458.3767 

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