Core Modules


The expert analysis of an industry professional is a critical element in the valuation review process, however, there is an increasing need for an automated and objective examination in order to make the most informed decisions on property valuation. Sapphire is designed to significantly improve workflow by providing the best of both worlds. To streamline the review process, Sapphire incorporates critical automated quality control and compliance monitoring, and accommodates multiple layers of manual review for added assurances.

Automated Quality Control (QC)

Automated quality control handles essential checks and balances behind the scenes to save time and effort by eliminating the manual review of a non-compliant report. Any report not clearing the QC process will be sent back to the vendor for resubmission.

Automated Review

Automated review puts the property valuation through a series of client-defined rules to determine how labor-intensive upcoming review stages should be. If the automated review meets the client’s generally accepted criteria, Sapphire will accept the valuation. If the automated review is questionable, then Sapphire will route the valuation into the appropriate queue for manual review by the most appropriate reviewer on the client’s roster.

Manual Review

Sapphire will determine which reviewer is best equipped to perform a manual review of the returned report based on geographic area, review specialty or even vacation schedules. The manual review interface allows for efficient and traceable analysis by multiple reviewers. Additionally, Sapphire provides a powerful matrix view for quick and direct comparisons of valuations on a single property against various products and points in time.

Management Review

Managers have transparency into the entire review process and can enforce a senior
review phase to take place after a junior reviewer completes his/her analysis on a report. Additionally, a manager can control employee workloads, time off, specialties, as well as a number of other criteria to make workflow more efficient.