Core Modules


Sapphire’s order module allows users to manage the valuation ordering process across the entire spectrum of products, including appraisals, BPOs, AVMs, risk analysis, property data and more.

Order Placement

The order placement component, an effortless interface for placing single or batch orders, connects users to AVM, BPO and appraisal valuation providers (both individual appraisers and appraisal management companies).

  • Users can order individual or batches of appraisals and BPOs.
  • Sapphire conducts an automatic check for order duplications to help clients control costs.
  • To ensure prompt action in line with business policies, Sapphire places orders based on assigned routing rules determined by the client.
  • Sapphire provides an order confirmation so users know the order has been transmitted to the valuation provider.

Order Management

Sapphire is equipped with a complete pipeline management tool. Through an easy-to-use interface, clients can search for an order or set of orders based on important criteria and take immediate action to reassign, cancel or modify. Once an order has been placed, Sapphire has the ability to find duplicates before processing and providing an order confirmation. In addition, clients can:

  • Use the advanced search for detailed information requests
  • List all orders placed, cancelled, or modified, organized by vendor
  • Track and manage incoming and outgoing orders and handle reassignments

Order Dashboard

Sapphire’s order dashboard seamlessly organizes all activity surrounding the initiation, processing, assignment and delivery of individual or batch valuation orders. The dashboard provides a highly efficient Quick Start and Quick Order feature keeping critical business moving forward. Users will appreciate the dashboard’s Stats view, which lends visual impact to current data through real-time charts and graphs.

Order Appraisals Direct Through Encompass By Ellie Mae

SapphireSM is seamlessly integrated into Encompass® All-in-One Mortgage Management Solution. This enhanced integration enables Encompass users to securely order appraisals from their own panel of appraisers or AMCs, and manage those providers in Sapphire to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process – while never losing connectivity with Encompass workflow. 

  • Lenders can engage their vendors more directly, utilizing routing and review rules specific to their organization within Veros’ Sapphire system.
  • Users will appreciate the direct influence on transparency, fees, timelines, and overall quality control because Sapphire can manage orders automatically, incorporating both system- and customer-specific validation rules.