Transaction Quality Score

Automated Fraud Detection

VeroVALUE:  Transaction Quality Score

Real estate fraud is an attempt to realize unsupported and illegitimate gain under the guise of legitimate real estate transactions. VeroVALUE's Transaction Quality Score (TQ Score), a fraud-detection scoring tool, enhances AVMs by identifying properties that meet specific characteristics of high-risk behavior.

Superior Fraud Detection

VeroVALUE's TQ Score includes analysis of local and regional markets and provides an in-depth account of property transfers, screening each transaction for signs of fraudulent behavior. Superior fraud detection demands the application of the latest in predictive technologies to identify high-risk properties with easy-to-use reporting and scoring systems with low frequencies of costly false positives.

Benefits of VeroVALUE TQ Score

  • Immediate and accurate notification of high-risk properties.
  • Numeric scoring from zero (high risk) to 100 (low risk).
  • Can be stand-alone or integrated into automated systems.
  • Individual property or portfolio analysis.
  • Complex analysis employing the latest in predictive technology.
  • Analyzes transfers and price trends for both local and regional markets.

Integrated into the VeroVALUE AVM, the TQ Score protects your business by providing quick and clear identification of properties that demonstrate critical standards of high-risk behavior. The TQ Score can be used independently or as part of a full VeroVALUE AVM to provide a powerful combined risk-detection solution.