RiskWire Webinar - "Extracting the Facts About PDF Extraction for UCDP"

RiskWire Webinar - "Extracting the Facts About PDF Extraction for UCDP"

This webinar will focus on providing relevant and timely information on utilizing PDF extraction services, specifically for the delivery of electronic appraisal report data to Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP). Lenders, appraisers and appraisal management companies, as well as others involved in the appraisal chain, will get a clear sense of how to relate the functional experience to what is required to support XML data extraction from first-generation PDFs for compliant UCDP submission.Specifically, the discussion will include details on why PDF extraction is necessary, a description of the extraction service and the available tiers, the processes for aligning PDF extraction with your business processes and planned UCDP delivery program, and more. A Q&A session will immediately follow the presentation.Join Veros, the technology provider for UCDP and the provider of portal-level PDF extraction support, for an informative discussion on preparing for portal delivery. Reminder: the portal is now live and ready to accept data submissions. Don't wait until the deadline to get ready.

Chris Gowen
Vice President,
Sales and Marketing
Veros Real Estate Solutions

Susanna Roberts
Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Newby
Chief Technology Officer,
Veros Real Estate Solutions