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Is automation the future of valuation?

The debate heats up as the appraiser shortage continues to lengthen the appraisal process, creating problems for homebuyers who can’t afford to buy their homes all in cash.  …
With greater data, technology advancements, and recent shifts in industry requirements, what will the future of appraisers look like?

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Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) Provide An Answer to Appraiser Shortage

  Some of the hottest housing markets hit double digit growths last year while at the same time fees and delays related to the appraiser shortage continue to rise, throwing…
Collateral valuations are a critical part of any loan, so the shortage of qualified appraisers puts up a serious roadblock in the mortgage process, especially for lenders who rely fully on appraisals for all transactions. With no end in sight to this shor…